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by Mike Willbanks on August 8th, 2005

In the mist of starting to write our own Javascript AJAX library to be more functional than the others ones out in the wild, I stumbled upon a really nice AJAX library that already implemented in the way I was thinking to (well not exactly but really close).

This one utilizes javascript objects and simply sends the request. It is your job to write the return function(s). The library is very well thought out and brought into a very nice functioning library (sorry to say but more functional that my v1 was going to be)!

Here is an example of how they run the process:
'onSuccess':function(req){ document.forms[0].pageSource.value = req.responseText; }

Basically what you are doing is initializing a get request and onSuccess that function is ran. Very simple and not complex. Most of the time implementing AJAX by using a different library may cause many faults as the complexity of the library requires building php objects or js objects for each individual item. This I find is much easier and much easier to maintain. It really goes to show that the KISS rule is definitely a must!

Go see the Ajax Toolbox

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