First Looks at MySQL Workbench

by Mike Willbanks on October 24th, 2005

MySQL Workbench had a first alpha released on September 12th late in the night. Currently they are on version 1.0.2 alpha, of that the previous versions being 1.0a and 1.0.1a. They are working on 1.0.3 which hopefully works out some bad bugs that basically make the program almost a complete disaster in this early stage. But it has been quite a bit of time since they released any other alpha.

The application has some pretty cool features such as:

  1. Scripting Support
  2. Command Console
  3. Mutliple View Support
  4. Reverse Engineering

Expect many more features to be loaded into this program as it starts to near a beta stage. The design of the program in itself is pleasing to look at. It generates a nice xml file that it saves itself as, allows for you to create plugins (not yet implemented) and many other task saving items for developers or dba’s. This tool will help with MySQL’s offerings to Developers and Database Administrators in their graphical applications (MySQL Migration Toolkit, MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser).

It would be nice to have a good ER modeler that you do not need to pay for and it’s architecture supports plugins and does not cost anything! Most of the software packages out there do not do enough for me to even want to pay $100-$2000 dollars for a single feature that is in another program. Maybe $25-50 is reasonable for the amount of time I actually use these programs. For now it is simply the bar napkin or dbdesigner which likes to crash.

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