Molior – An Application Framework

by Mike Willbanks on October 24th, 2005

Molior – An application framework!

Well it has been a while since I posted an update on what was going on here.
Currently I am working on an application framework (open source) called Molior.

The reason for choosing Molior is because the meaning of the word is “to build” in Latin. This application framework is going to basically have 3 pieces. A configuration manager, application manager and a extension manager. The breakdown of that is quite simple. I will explain how all of these pieces work together a little later. The first version is going to only be XML storage unless someone decides to port it before I get out of the early alpha version.

I have basically been focusing this to people that just simply want to manage there applications without having to change there methods of coding. Allowing much more re-usability and stability.

Configuration Manager
What this is being aimed to do is simply add a configuration manager to handle almost all of the configuration; that integrates nicely with the applications and extension pieces.

For the most part you are able to create a simple page to interface the variables to already created applications to make them work in an application. A quick example of this would work as the following:

< ?php $variable = $_CFG->myapp->variable;
//now proceed to include the main application.

Extension Manager
The extension manager works by including these before any type of operation is started with processing information and starting an application. This way you could install something like ADOdb as an extension and have it included in the beginning of the application, same with using session management.

Application Manager
What I would call an application is anything that the user gets to see. So your web page would therefore be considered an application; of which, it probably is if you are looking at something like this.

End Notes
If anyone has more ideas or would like to be involved in some of the coding there is many ways to help currently. I am still in the planning and early coding stages trying to find the best method of getting this all together. It is such a simple concept and simple to code but I might have over thought the ways to implement it. Currently I am thinking PHP 5 and a possible backport to PHP 4. And looking at different types of storage formats for an initial install such as an INI file, an XML file and a PHP file.

Building a user interface for the configuration manager is going to be the hardest part. There is so much type of data that people might want to enter and that is where it can get a bit complicated! Look for some more soon!

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