MySQL 5.x

by Mike Willbanks on January 15th, 2006

Well well, as with all of my server updates tonight I decided to install MySQL 5.x as well.  Even although yet again the control panel is lame and didn’t have it.  It was a simple upgrade and everything went smooth.  Looks like I have a bunch of new toys to learn and to play with.  I think I might just build a community site using some of these new features :)

Although development takes a long time, there is nothing like using the latest technology to make everything run swiftly!  Hopefully I can get an update to get to the next step up from apache soon.  Maybe I just need to write a PHP based control panel that does some of the automation of setting up accounts for me.  While I do not have too many accounts I seem to like to buy domain names and stash them on the server.

Look for some new blogs concerning the new features I play with in MySQL :)

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