Upgraded PHP to 5.1.2

by Mike Willbanks on January 15th, 2006

Finally back to the bleeding edge of PHP development. I decided to finally upgrade from the 5.0.x series to the 5.1.x series. The reasons that I did not do it before was that I didn’t have time, the control panel I use sucks so I finally just said screw that solution and last I normally wait for atleast 2 bugfixes in a feature release. This is because there is normally some small stability issues in that branch.

Lets just say I am happy to have the security issues in the previous 5.0.x series now off my mind. As a Security conscious developer it drives me nuts to know something exists and not have it closed. I guess that is my reason for not liking 3rd party PHP applications… Yes I know I am using one now but that will change in the future.

I am looking forward to playing around with PDO on this build and seeing everything it can do. Besides that the XMLWriter extension is included and enabled by default. This should be interesting to play with and could make generation of XML based feeds extremely simple (I know they were before but now it will be more logical). Oh and last but lot least…. the speed of this is much faster. I could tell within minutes of playing around on my server!

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