Frustrations with WordPress

by Mike Willbanks on February 10th, 2006

Running 5.1.2 and WordPress 2.x is such a pain.  They somehow really know how to break the compatibility by not correctly following coding guidelines.  This is quite irritating because most of the time when you are writing a blog entry and are going to save a draft it gives you an error about there are multiple headers.

This is caused by one line of code where I have no clue where it is coming from without an all out debug session to fix one wrong problem in a software I did not create.  Now most of the time these things are not a big issue.  This just becomes a problem when you have written around 1 page with samples and examples of code.

Therefore, I will be switching blogs like initially planned to a much more stable object oriented blog with a very huge API.  Basically they have an object factory that I can manipulate and do just about anything with.  However, the new blog is a performance buster most of the time so I might have to sift through the code (which is far more readable) and update some objects and methods to work in a faster manor.

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