MySQL Workbench 1.0.5 Beta Released

by Mike Willbanks on March 7th, 2006

Well finally, the guys over at MySQL released a beta of the workbench. The last few alpha versions have not even been usable. You can now boot it up and actually use it. It is one fine tool.

I was able to reverse engineer a model from a database and have all of the index’s and foreign keys show up. Also the grid is very nice on the eyes! Workbench supports views, procedures, triggers and all sorts of other MySQL 5.x features and above. If you are doing work on MySQL this is probably a tool you would like to have in the ole black hat.

Personally this is probably one of the best ER Diagramming tools I have seen. You might want to checkout the public beta on MySQL Downloads.

From MySQL

  1. Dangit, they need to get this out for OS X. I use the administrator and the query browser, but they need to launch this for Mac – what a great tool.

    Thanks for the info…

  2. You could always download the 1.0.0-alpha release which is still highly unstable. However this is located on a MySQL Workbench Downloads page that is not currently linked on the MySQL Downloads page.

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