My Desktop and Linux

by Mike Willbanks on March 12th, 2006

I must say I have had one interesting weekend. I came home Friday to find that my Windows XP 64-Bit edition trial was ending in one hour. I hopped on the computer and burned everything to a DVD as fast as humanly possible. During that time I downloaded a DVD install of Fedora Core 4 (what a nightmare)! So I was off to the races with installing a new Linux Distro which I was planning on doing for sometime but a few applications have been holding me up.

I came to find that Fedora Core was probably one of the worst distributions I have ever installed. The installation did not go smoothly. It would get hung up on detecting my USB devices so I had to run the installer with the noprobe option. I get it all installed then rebooted and a GRUB error. Needless to say I found out later that it was because of my SATA Raid hardware setup. I had to turn RAID off and turn it into a BASE drive. Yuck. Next, Fedora Core would not stop crashing. I believe I reinstalled the OS and got all the updates around 10-20 times in the last 2 days. This was even more aparent when I would install the Nvidia driver and started playing with my monitors. Anytime I changed something I would have to hard boot because it would lock up.
Finally tonight, I installed Ubuntu linux. I am finding out that it is a great distribution, not only for its stability but package management and customization. Ubuntu is based off of Debian. That is not to say it doesn’t have it’s faults. I am still trying to figure out how to configure my 5 button mouse to work correctly and it doesn’t seem to have an option anywhere so I guess my search for sortware to do this will continue.

Now I need to find a good PHP IDE for Linux that is free. I’ve tried the eclipse one’s and needless to say that hasn’t worked very well for what I am looking for. I might have to buckle down and purchase a Zend license just for my personal usage. My preferred application however is PHPEdit. I suppose I will be looking for software for development for a little while hear as many of the items I was using where either Windows only or do not function correctly in linux. Normally because of an error with shared modules.

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