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by Mike Willbanks on April 23rd, 2007

This last year has gone by extremely fast, I am stating the last year because the last post on my blog was now slightly over a year ago. During this time many substantial changes have happened in my life that have caused my time to become extremely occupied leaving this blog untouched. I apologize to all of the people that have in the past, read my blog, or made comments regarding the topics that I may have posted on.

Never the less, in recent news, I am now in the middle of a job transition. I believe that with this transition it will help me to refocus on writing relevant information to you all. They say that when you make one change, it is easier to make several at once. Therefore, I am going to attempt to commit myself to a writing schedule where I will be posting a blog entry about some subject approximately once a week. It could be more, it could be less depending on the outlook of my schedule.

I look forward to posting new information here on my blog. As you can see I wanted to show that I was serious and spent a few hours redoing the design of the site. I hope the new color scheme is fitting and helps to engage you all! Regards.

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  1. I like the new look.

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