A New Year, A New Post

by Mike Willbanks on January 6th, 2009

Once again, I seemed to have drifted off into space instead of continually posting on this blog. 2008 was a big year with many changes both personally and professionally.

Much of 2008 I worked on a platform where much of my time, energy and motivation had been exhausted. This eventually lead to much less interaction with the development community as a whole and really disappearing from many of the areas I was involved in. In October I made a switch and joined a non-profit called CaringBridge. We are now working on building a new version that is built on top of the Zend Framework, memcached, apache and a few others. There has been much to write about, however, a lack of time has not allowed me to fully write what I have been up to or add to some of the articles I had began to write several months ago.

My plans for 2009 are fairly large and likely not fully obtainable but that’s what this is all about, setting a few goals and hopefully I will reach them this year. I have plans to finish out developing a new open source project related to project management in a development arena (think trac, bugzilla, wIT, JIRA). Secondly, I am planning to blog at least once a month and looking to post two or three times a month. Lastly, I will be going to a few conferences, PHP|Tek in Chicago will be the first one of the year.

Well, time to get back to it.

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  1. Have you more infos about the “project management in a development arena” thing? What features will you adress?

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