Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-05

by Mike Willbanks on July 5th, 2009
  • @weierophinney try #destroytwitter it works with xfce :) in reply to weierophinney #
  • Just ordered Rackspace Cloud Files. It becomes a far superior deal than Amazon S3 when you add in the CDN 😀 #
  • @petemcw its almost exactly the same for storage, the difference is file serving and you can do it over a CDN far cheaper in reply to petemcw #
  • Some weekend events, tore down a 24' pool in my backyard, cleaned window seals, new door locks, found colors to paint my office, barbequed! #
  • starting to put images into the cloud for my blog… seems much quicker, need to move some css and other jazz. i should automate this. #
  • Has anyone used #zerigo before or #nettica? I'm looking to move my dns servers off of my box :) #
  • @Mosso it would seem that your blog is broken on all pages except for the first page, ex pg2: #
  • @mtabini could be free? what are the chances 😉 in reply to mtabini #
  • @mtabini now i just need to figure out if i want to use my award miles to get down to one… in reply to mtabini #
  • The day has been spent, i can't do much more tonight. #
  • RT @CalEvans: Fresh Hot Code! #PHP 5.3.0 is released! (This time with a working link) #
  • I think it might be time to work on a new blogging platform. The platforms that are out there are simply not adequate #fail #wordpress #
  • @spooons i don't think i've laughed that hard in a while. in reply to spooons #
  • @spooons svn [command line] and vim in reply to spooons #
  • @cb1kenobi that's only a sign of good business… you don't always want to win every bid. in reply to cb1kenobi #
  • I think that I should likely drop the twitter updates on my blog… maybe a weekly would be better than a daily. #
  • @cloudteam cloudfiles is looking great, can't wait till CNAME support is completed! #
  • @cloudteam wondering if it is possible to get a sample account for doing testing for a framework implementation in terms of unit testing #
  • Work for a company making a difference in the world, CaringBridge is looking for a software engineer: #phpc #zf #php #

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