Running AIR Apps in XFCE

by Mike Willbanks on July 17th, 2009

If you’re running the XFCE linux desktop environment and you’re attempting to run air applications; you’ve likely run into the beautiful message:

Unknown desktop manager, only Gnome and KDE are supported.

Not only is this aggravating since AIR is meant to be cross platform but even more so that it can’t simply handle booting the air application or using specific functionality.

If you are looking for a workaround, I do have one. It is not the most elegant solution in the world and will require you to save all of your applications into the same area, for instance, my air applications are in /opt/air. Not in order to run most of these applications ensure that you have keyring installed. The main brunt of the workaround is to simply: export GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID=”xfce”.

Now, while you can run the export in the terminal, you will need to likely run it every time that you boot up an air application. My change was to create a bootstrap file for running the air applications. If you pass in the air applications name as it is in the file system, it will handle running the app. Now the workaround:

if [ -z "$1" ]; then
    echo "Please specify an application."
    return 0
/opt/air/$1/bin/$1 &

As you can tell this is a quick fix hack and I really did not put a lot of rigger into the handling of unknown files, handling spaces etc. You can work around having spaces by using a wildcard character in place of the space.

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  1. Yogesh permalink

    Hello Mike,

    I just browsed through your tips on PHP performance. I didn’t know about foreach/list trick. Thanks.

    I have a totally different question though. I plan to take zend certification test for PHP. Can you please tell me how to go about it(including which books/sites)? Thanks a lot.


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