The Art of Message Queues

by Mike Willbanks on November 23rd, 2009

At MinneBar I had done a talk on Message Queues. This talk went fairly well for being the first time I have given this besides just in talking and rambling with other folks. Thank you all for the feedback on the presentation and demos! I will incorporate this into the next time that I give the talk.

As stated the slides are below, there is a little cut off and I am not sure if MinneBar did record the video in that session so you will have to see when they release the information. Below are the slides of this presentation.

From PHP

  1. Very good information. I cringe when I look at some apps and heavy processes are handled on page requests instead of through a queue or cron type system. When I put together the video processing system for last year I utilized a queue system to do the FFMPEG processing. The processor can run on the same server or separate and can be expanded to numerous instances in only a matter of minutes. Now the heavy lifting of encoding multiple versions of a media file isn’t eating up resources on the web server.

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