Often time I share code on my blog. I have started to post some of my project code up at GitHub. The following is a listing of projects that I am now maintaining and / or publishing on so that you can utilize the code much more freely.


The Zend_Mobile component is an implementation for push notifications on Apple (APNS), Google (C2DM) and Windows Mobile 7 (MPNS) This project gives you everything you need to send push notifications from PHP (excluding blackberry of course).

Visit the Zend_Mobile Project on GitHub.


Zend_Gearman contains a Gearman Worker that enables you to utilize Gearman by wrapping it into a Zend Framework like structure. It brings consistency and handles several different areas such as timeout’s and more.

Visit the Zend_Gearman Project on GitHub.


The Zend_Service_Google_C2dm is an implementation of Android C2DM (Push Notifications / Synchronization). This project gives you the basic classes to implement your own C2DM third party application server. It handles several several of the needs that you will encounter when utilizing C2DM. This component is actually deprecated for Zend_Mobile.

Visit the Zend_Service_Google_C2dm Project on GitHub.